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Prank Gone…. Good!

In a short video, I managed to be inspired and cry. Crying is pretty easy for me, but this video was so creative and downright awesome!

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Everyone needs a Pep Talk!

Eek! I’ve seen this video on Facebook for weeks and haven’t watched it until today. Shame on me! It made me think back to when I was a kid and life was easy and the world seemed so big. What happened?

We have the power to go out and “create something that’ll make the world awesome!” This pep talk comes from a kid after all. Go out and do good. Watch this today and pass it along. Watch it everyday if you want, but just do something good as a result!

Free Food

For anyone who has taken an Economics class, you’ve heard the saying “there are no free lunches.” Whenever you receive (or give), it comes from something…somewhere. Sometimes, the best things in life are free and free food is definitely one of them! Free food to people who don’t have any is even better. I came across, probably accidentally, two websites that will give small amounts of food to people…. for a cost (not monetary, though!)

photo is a site that has sponsors who pay for food to be donated. There is a bright yellow button you click daily and (1) cup of food is donated. I know you’re thinking “there has to be a catch?!” Nope! Simple as that. Click and donate. An act of kindness that gives free food and is free to you too! I don’t know about you, but I’m not always in a financial position to give, so this is a great way to give without breaking your bank.

photo 2

The other site I found,, donates 10 grains of rice for every correct vocabulary word you define. It gives you a word and you find the synonym/definition and just like that, 10 grains of rice is donated! For anyone who works in an office or a college student in class, I don’t recommend  avoiding your job or school work, but if you need a distraction from all your hard work, visit and donate some rice!

So within minutes, you can donate free food! A simple and easy act of kindness is just a click away!

It’s bitter outside!

It's bitter outside!

I woke up today feeling extremely lucky. I rolled over in my warm bed, walked downstairs to a warm living room, and when it was time to go to work, ran outside to warm up my car before it was time for me to leave. It feels like it’s -8*F outside…. it’s so bitter outside today! A 2-hr delay wasn’t enough!!

Everyday, I try to remember how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have everything I have. I may not thank God for it (which I should!), but I acknowledge that there are many others who don’t have what I do. My parents always taught me, “if you have it, share it” and as a child, that was difficult. I am the only girl in my family and never wanted to share with my younger brothers. As an adult, I understand the phrase to mean something deeper… I am blessed by God and because of that, I should share my blessings with others.

On my way to work today, I had a few extra minutes after dropping my brother off at school, so I stopped at Target. There wasn’t anything specific I was looking for, but as I walked down the main aisle, I saw that gloves, hats, and a few scarves were between 30-70% off. I can’t resist a sale, so I turned and made my way to the display. None of the items on sale tickled my [personal] fancy, but I thought, “man, this is a good deal!” I ended up buying 8 hats and 4 2-packs of gloves. It totaled around $15, but that’s not bad at all! I plan to pass 4 out to any homeless men/women I meet today and donate the other 4 to the school where I work.

I also stopped at the Lowe’s down the street and picked up some hand-warmers they had on sale in a value-pack. The employee at the self-checkout had to come help me put in all my singles, so we started to chat for a bit. She was telling me that she buys the hand-warmers and puts them in her shoes. I politely told her that I don’t work outside or spend much time outside so I wasn’t buying them for myself, but for the homeless. She was so surprised and said “Oh my goodness. That’s an amazing thing you’re doing!” — I always feel ashamed when I tell people about what I do or when I get caught doing something, or when I’m taking a quick picture because I don’t do it to get the recognition or praise. Then I think about it and if I mention it to someone, maybe they’ll do their own random act of kindness. My mission is to pay it forward, not only in my life, but to inspire others to do the same. If others are inspired to brighten someone else’s day, how many days could be turned around? Think about it…. then do something good!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” – Matthew 5:8

As of lately…

I have done some random acts of kindness and haven’t had time to blog about it… so my apologies. Besides, if I blogged everyday, it would be like a second full-time job and less interesting to you. Instead, I decided to share two short stories with you. So here’s what I’ve been up to…

image (28)

Story #1: I was driving to Home Depot one day and as I was waiting at the light, there was a man with a cardboard sign, walking up and down the sidewalk. I was pretty far back, so I didn’t see what it said, but the only word that I could read was “HUNGRY.” My purse happen to spill at the same time I was reading, so I looked to see if I had some extra cash…. of course, I didn’t! Right before the light changed, I remember that I’ve bought small food gift cards when I go through the drive-thru. I had a few from McDonald’s and one from Chick-fil-A, so I pulled up, rolled my window down, and handled the man a $5 McDonald’s gift card. Felt great to know he could just walked down the street and go grab something to eat!

Story #2: I love brunch… especially on Sundays. I love the Strip District. I love great weather in winter!

ImageCombine all three of those things and you have what was a great Sunday. I went to brunch in the Strip District with my best friends. As I was paying for my parking space, I attached a Chick-Fil-A gift card to the meter. One of my friends came over, attempted to take the gift card, and said “OOOHHH what’s that?!” I quickly stopped her and said “I left that there.” Her response was awesome: “Cool. I’ve been seeing these all over the place and thought it was my lucky day” — that means there are others being kind too! My other friend said “you do that ‘pay it forward’ thing too? I’m going to start doing that!”I potentially influenced 3 people in just 1 act!! So exciting!

Needless to say, it went on to be a great Sunday. I relaxed. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. And I had some amazing little donuts… (if you’re from or ever in Pittsburgh, visit “Peace. Love. and Little Donuts” in the Strip District. The cinnamon sugar donuts are my favorite!!)

In other news, I’ve ordered more stationary for our RAKs. Groupon featured Vistaprint the other day and bought the deal. Can’t wait to get the new note cards, stickers, and iPhone case 🙂

If you have any cool kindness stories, please share with us! Email us at, share pictures with us on Instagram by tagging #thekindnessrule or following us @TheKindnessRule on Instagram and Twitter! We love to see what you’re doing to help spread kindness wherever you are!

– J

Groupon Grassroots


I love to save money and get a good deal, so I check Groupon every morning. Normally, I’m looking for a deal to a local restaurant or a new iPhone accessory, but today I stumbled upon this “great cause.” If you pay $10, you donate $20 to East End Cooperative Ministry to help provide overnight shelter for the homeless. Simple & easy.

So once I posted this picture on Instagram, I forgot to offer the link and had to go search for it again. Good thing I forgot because I found 

photo 4The website has many causes you can give to, locally and nationally. Donating to any cause is a great act of kindness…. a little less random, but very intentional.

If you sign up for Groupon, you can receive daily notifications of their featured deals and update your preferences to highlight specific categories you’re most interested in (“Great Causes” is a category!!). **Warning: You might become addicted. Symptoms included: frequently checking for new deals** (Haha!) But, in all seriousness, you should definitely check out Groupon Grassroots for new local/national causes in need of donations!

Spread kindness… even through donations!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by Groupon… I wish! I just like good deals and  the Groupon Grassroots aspect of the website!)

13 Cookies to Celebrate 2013

13 Cookies to Celebrate 2013

Many of my RAKs have been done anonymously… and I was thinking last night (while baking cookies), I should start spreading kindness face-to-face. Today, I recruited my baby (not so small) brother to come with me…. mainly, because I wanted to show him how fun it is to brighten someone’s day and plus, I needed someone to help document my RAKs. After a long morning of unsuccessful attempts, we “scored big” on this one. I baked cookies last night and put 13 aside, in honor of the new year, to give to someone today. I wanted to drop them off at the post office, but because it’s New Years, it wasn’t open.  I drove around trying to find someone to give them to….no one was walking outside, until we found this man! He was minding his own business, pushing a trash can outside in the cold weather. Who has to push a trash can outside on the first day of 2013? Well, I pulled over and had my brother get out, wish him a Happy New Year, and give him my fabulous cookies. I was so jealous I didn’t get out myself and give him the cookies because you would have thought my brother handed him a thousand dollars the way his face lit up.

It’s nice to be an anonymous RAK-er, but this man’s face is what doing random acts of kindness is all about! Amazing feeling!!

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