As of lately…

I have done some random acts of kindness and haven’t had time to blog about it… so my apologies. Besides, if I blogged everyday, it would be like a second full-time job and less interesting to you. Instead, I decided to share two short stories with you. So here’s what I’ve been up to…

image (28)

Story #1: I was driving to Home Depot one day and as I was waiting at the light, there was a man with a cardboard sign, walking up and down the sidewalk. I was pretty far back, so I didn’t see what it said, but the only word that I could read was “HUNGRY.” My purse happen to spill at the same time I was reading, so I looked to see if I had some extra cash…. of course, I didn’t! Right before the light changed, I remember that I’ve bought small food gift cards when I go through the drive-thru. I had a few from McDonald’s and one from Chick-fil-A, so I pulled up, rolled my window down, and handled the man a $5 McDonald’s gift card. Felt great to know he could just walked down the street and go grab something to eat!

Story #2: I love brunch… especially on Sundays. I love the Strip District. I love great weather in winter!

ImageCombine all three of those things and you have what was a great Sunday. I went to brunch in the Strip District with my best friends. As I was paying for my parking space, I attached a Chick-Fil-A gift card to the meter. One of my friends came over, attempted to take the gift card, and said “OOOHHH what’s that?!” I quickly stopped her and said “I left that there.” Her response was awesome: “Cool. I’ve been seeing these all over the place and thought it was my lucky day” — that means there are others being kind too! My other friend said “you do that ‘pay it forward’ thing too? I’m going to start doing that!”I potentially influenced 3 people in just 1 act!! So exciting!

Needless to say, it went on to be a great Sunday. I relaxed. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. And I had some amazing little donuts… (if you’re from or ever in Pittsburgh, visit “Peace. Love. and Little Donuts” in the Strip District. The cinnamon sugar donuts are my favorite!!)

In other news, I’ve ordered more stationary for our RAKs. Groupon featured Vistaprint the other day and bought the deal. Can’t wait to get the new note cards, stickers, and iPhone case 🙂

If you have any cool kindness stories, please share with us! Email us at, share pictures with us on Instagram by tagging #thekindnessrule or following us @TheKindnessRule on Instagram and Twitter! We love to see what you’re doing to help spread kindness wherever you are!

– J


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