It’s bitter outside!

It's bitter outside!

I woke up today feeling extremely lucky. I rolled over in my warm bed, walked downstairs to a warm living room, and when it was time to go to work, ran outside to warm up my car before it was time for me to leave. It feels like it’s -8*F outside…. it’s so bitter outside today! A 2-hr delay wasn’t enough!!

Everyday, I try to remember how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have everything I have. I may not thank God for it (which I should!), but I acknowledge that there are many others who don’t have what I do. My parents always taught me, “if you have it, share it” and as a child, that was difficult. I am the only girl in my family and never wanted to share with my younger brothers. As an adult, I understand the phrase to mean something deeper… I am blessed by God and because of that, I should share my blessings with others.

On my way to work today, I had a few extra minutes after dropping my brother off at school, so I stopped at Target. There wasn’t anything specific I was looking for, but as I walked down the main aisle, I saw that gloves, hats, and a few scarves were between 30-70% off. I can’t resist a sale, so I turned and made my way to the display. None of the items on sale tickled my [personal] fancy, but I thought, “man, this is a good deal!” I ended up buying 8 hats and 4 2-packs of gloves. It totaled around $15, but that’s not bad at all! I plan to pass 4 out to any homeless men/women I meet today and donate the other 4 to the school where I work.

I also stopped at the Lowe’s down the street and picked up some hand-warmers they had on sale in a value-pack. The employee at the self-checkout had to come help me put in all my singles, so we started to chat for a bit. She was telling me that she buys the hand-warmers and puts them in her shoes. I politely told her that I don’t work outside or spend much time outside so I wasn’t buying them for myself, but for the homeless. She was so surprised and said “Oh my goodness. That’s an amazing thing you’re doing!” — I always feel ashamed when I tell people about what I do or when I get caught doing something, or when I’m taking a quick picture because I don’t do it to get the recognition or praise. Then I think about it and if I mention it to someone, maybe they’ll do their own random act of kindness. My mission is to pay it forward, not only in my life, but to inspire others to do the same. If others are inspired to brighten someone else’s day, how many days could be turned around? Think about it…. then do something good!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” – Matthew 5:8


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