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Alumna Status

I never thought I would say “I miss college,” but lately, I found myself thinking back to my days on commuting/rushing to class, studying til the wee hours of the morning, cramming for a test, struggling to finish projects, gluing letters to posters, panicking when I thought I had misplaced my flash drive…. I could go on and on. But as I wake up to go to work in the morning, besides my initial thoughts of “being an adult is so overrated,” I’ve been following the statement lately with: “I miss college”

Luckily enough for me, I now live about 15 minutes away from my school and it’s also on my way to work in the mornings. I decided to visit my alma mater last week and today, actually, to “give back” to a place where I spent a great deal of time (and money!). 

After visiting my former professors, I was walking past the Office of Residence Life and remembered my first days at Chatham University. 


I had bought a Subway gift card to give away and thought “this would be the perfect place to leave this!” 

Even though it’s against the rules to post anything without permission, I posted the gift card on the board anyway. Hopefully they don’t track me down and fine me!

My visit today was inspired by a fellow “instagrammer” — @sandehhh03 posted a picture of treats she left for students in the library, so I did the same!





I took some sweet treats to Chatham’s J K Mellon Library and left them in random places for some hardworking girls to find. Much to my liking/dismay, there were hardly any people around. That’s nice when you’re trying to be secretive, but then who will get a treat? Maybe it’s Spring Break, so hopefully when the ladies get back, they’ll be back to studying and find awesome stuff waiting for them in the library.

As always, I love spreading kindness. It brightens my day and hopefully the recipient’s day too! It feels good to have made it through college, graduated, and able to give back “in my own way” (instead of monetarily contributing as an alumna)— I have officially achieved alumna status!

For more ideas or to keep up with what I’m doing, follow me on Twitter & Instagram @TheKindnessRule 🙂

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13 Cookies to Celebrate 2013

13 Cookies to Celebrate 2013

Many of my RAKs have been done anonymously… and I was thinking last night (while baking cookies), I should start spreading kindness face-to-face. Today, I recruited my baby (not so small) brother to come with me…. mainly, because I wanted to show him how fun it is to brighten someone’s day and plus, I needed someone to help document my RAKs. After a long morning of unsuccessful attempts, we “scored big” on this one. I baked cookies last night and put 13 aside, in honor of the new year, to give to someone today. I wanted to drop them off at the post office, but because it’s New Years, it wasn’t open.  I drove around trying to find someone to give them to….no one was walking outside, until we found this man! He was minding his own business, pushing a trash can outside in the cold weather. Who has to push a trash can outside on the first day of 2013? Well, I pulled over and had my brother get out, wish him a Happy New Year, and give him my fabulous cookies. I was so jealous I didn’t get out myself and give him the cookies because you would have thought my brother handed him a thousand dollars the way his face lit up.

It’s nice to be an anonymous RAK-er, but this man’s face is what doing random acts of kindness is all about! Amazing feeling!!

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