Give Forward

Give Forward

I was mentioned in a tweet yesterday, asking if I could share a story. The woman’s name is Andrea Haviland and she needs your help! Organized by her daughters: Kaity & Samantha, here is a little about her story:

“Andi is a 41 year old Mother of two Daughters and she has some serious health problems to deal with for the rest of her life. Within the last ten years she has had 3 Open Heart Surgeries to replace her faulty Heart Valve and repair her Tricuspid Heart Valve. Her third surgery was unplanned and had many complications. The surgery took over 14 hours during which she suffered multiple strokes and her family was told that it didn’t look like she was going to ‘make it’ through the surgery. Andi is a fighter and did ‘make it’!”

Check out the link and donate if you can! 


*Note: I am not affiliated with this woman/cause. I was asked to share the story and that’s exactly what I’m doing… hoping some of my readers will donate to the cause.




To honor the 26 victims who were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Ann Curry, of NBC, is asking that everyone does 26 acts of random kindness. This is a perfect way to honor those innocent souls and not focus our attention on the shooter. So excited to share this with others… and if you’re reading this, share this with people you know too! Post your pictures on Facebook and Twitter & don’t forget to hash tag #26Acts or #26ActsofKindness!!

I’ll keep you updated on my acts and others’ who inspire me! Stay tuned… Maybe once you start, you won’t want to stop!!

Help Dalton Break a World Record

Help Dalton Break a World Record

I came across this post on another RAK blog and thought, “this is so easy and kind at the same time!” So instead of just sending one, I decided to enlist the help of my 40 students at my after-school program. They always need something to do and I thought this might inspire one of them to be a little kinder to a friend. I collected all of the cards and will be sending them to Dalton tomorrow!

Read the post and send your card. It’ll cost you about $0.45 and you’ll have aided in making a young boy’s wish come true!

UPDATE: I received a call from one of my student’s mother. She told me that her daughter came home and demanded that all her brothers and sisters make cards for Dalton. The mother went on to say that one sibling went to school (middle school) and told the teacher about the cards. THE WHOLE CLASS MADE CARDS! My student is bringing in about 40 more cards. This made my horrible day so much better! Out of 37 students, I reached one— that’s what it’s all about!!!!

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