Help Vitamin Angels reach 1 million kids in need!!

For every view of this video, Vitamin Water will donated $0.25 to Vitamin Angels. That’s enough to buy a year’s worth of the vital Vitamin A for undernourished kids!

Simple as that. 2 minutes well spent!

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Prank Gone…. Good!

In a short video, I managed to be inspired and cry. Crying is pretty easy for me, but this video was so creative and downright awesome!

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Everyone needs a Pep Talk!

Eek! I’ve seen this video on Facebook for weeks and haven’t watched it until today. Shame on me! It made me think back to when I was a kid and life was easy and the world seemed so big. What happened?

We have the power to go out and “create something that’ll make the world awesome!” This pep talk comes from a kid after all. Go out and do good. Watch this today and pass it along. Watch it everyday if you want, but just do something good as a result!

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